FFIMI’s New Logo

FFIMI is proud to unveil our new logo which is an original design by one of our family member’s loved one who is incarcerated. They put a lot of time and thought into its creation and we feel that the design beautifully depicts a foundational element of our mission – the love we hold for one another. This love enables us to hold one another up – and to hold onto hope. Thank you to “M” for sharing your work with us – we hold you in our hearts!

What does the artist say about the logo? They said they were thinking about “compassion, kindness, helping and giving your heart to someone in need.” And also “FFIMI gives hope for better care and treatment.”

Other FFIMI members’ impressions:

  • The hand signifies those willing to provide compassionate treatment to those with mental illness.
  • The hand signifies those who understand the value of these individuals who are our loved ones. 
  • The hand is also us.  We hold our loved ones in hand and heart. 
  • One might interpret it as the hand of God who holds FFIMI and their loved ones in His care

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

3 thoughts on “FFIMI’s New Logo”

  1. Beautiful design. A heart of love shared and binds people together for a common purpose, mission and goal. Big shout out to whoever designed it. That was thoughtful.


  2. I cannot say how touched and proud I am to have this logo as our official symbol of representation. I respect the artistry and the beautiful sentiment that went into its making. Donna Winant, FFIMI member

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