FFIMI Needs Your Help!

Dear FFIMI Friends and Supporters,

As we work toward progressing our mission and vision, we have learned over the years that the only way to make significant, lasting, changes is through the avenue of legislation. Many larger organizations have a team of dedicated people to help with legislative advocacy efforts. However, as a relatively new, grassroots organization we do not have enough manpower and are seeking volunteers to help with this effort.

We anticipate that tasks could include:

  • Research proposed bills
  • Outreach to other advocacy organizations who might be supportive of important mental health-related bills 
  • Send letters to state senators and representatives asking them to support proposed bills
  • Help to expand our own community of friends and supporters who might also be willing to write to their legislators when needed
  • Provide oral or written testimony at legislative hearings

Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with any of these tasks. 

As always, we appreciate your support and believe that together we can help our loved ones receive the quality of care that they need and deserve!

To learn more about ways you can get involved, please email us at ffimi.inquiry@gmail.com

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