FFIMI Calls for Action on Issues Raised by Disability Law Center’s Report of Bridgewater State Hospital!

by Mike Walsh, FFIMI Member

Thanks to the Disability Law Center (DLC) and their recent report regarding the poor physical conditions and inappropriate practices in the treatment of persons served at BSH, the situation has been receiving a lot of much needed attention from the public and State Legislators.  As advocates for this extremely vulnerable population of men, FFIMI is working to spread this story as far and wide as possible.  We believe that the publishing of DLC’s report has presented an opportunity for the general public and State lawmakers to be made aware of the situation and conditions at BSH, in hopes that the publicity (and hopefully public outcry) will finally provide the incentive necessary for changes to take place.

Please, if you haven’t already, follow the hyperlinks below that point to the various documents and news articles stemming from the DLC report calling for immediate corrective action.  Even if the articles might seem redundant, just the mere act of accessing each site will register a “Hit” on each story, which can translate into perceived interest (at the least) or better still, support for the called for changes.

FFIMI is hoping to find other ways to influence the DOC and the Governor to pursue the long overdue corrective action that the DLC is calling for. 

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