Hear Our Voices

The Poem Was Written On Behalf of Those Who Reside at Bridgewater State Hospital

Can you hear pain?
I can feel the pain inside my mind
Pain at the pain I’ve caused
Pain at not wanting or understanding why
My brain isn’t working right
Didn’t ask for this
Didn’t want this
Maybe I’ll ask the gods that be
If they can hear my pain

Sometimes I feel as though
My body and mind belong to someone else
And I don’t know or understand that someone else
Because that isn’t me is it?
Can’t be me.

But it is me
Or a part of me
That just doesn’t work right
Like a gear that’s slightly shifted
Never really meshing together

Can you hear the pain I’ve caused?
I didn’t mean to
I just wasn’t me inside that body

Or inside my mind.
I’m sorry
I’m so sorry

Can you hear my pain?
This can’t be my life
Yet, it is my life
I don’t want it to be my life
What is my life?
Can it be what I want it to be
Or is it defined only by
My mental health issues

My body is great
I love working out
I love socializing
I love animals
I absolutely love my family
And yet, here I am

Within the confines of my mind
Inside a cell of a room
Within a building that should
Be condemned
And here I am

I guess no one
Other than me

Can you hear my pain
No one seems to hear
The pain of being me
Someone can hear my voice

Can you hear my voice
Does it make a sound
Does it make a difference
Does it matter
Does it not matter
Because you don’t think
My life is worth it

Can you hear the pain in my voice?

Can you hear the pain of the voices of our families?

My family and friends believe
My life is worth it
I’m beginning to wonder if my
Life is worthy or worthless
I guess I’ll find out

For now
I’ll raise my voice
In the hope that
Might hear my voice

And respond
And take action
And help us and those
Who don’t have
The ability
To control our lives
Because our brains
Sometimes don’t function
As they should sometimes

Please don’t judge
Please don’t presume
Please don’t look down
On us
We look up to you
To hear our voice

A united voice
A voice requesting
A plan to help us
Get better and healthy
In mind, body, spirit

A plan that
Will improve and change
Our lives for
The better
A plan to help us live
With and understand
Our mental health, or
Lack thereof

Please, hear my voice

And our voices united
Call out in despair and
That we might be able
To live the life we can
To the best of our ability
With your help and support.

Please hear my voice

Our lives depend on you
Hearing our voices

If you can’t hear my pain
Then, at the very least,
Hear my voice.

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