Treatment Advocacy Center’s Brian Stettin Bids Farewell

Brian Stettin, longtime policy directory of Treatment Advocacy Center, states: ” The question lingering in the back of the mind of any advocate is always: Am I making a difference? When the wrong to be righted is deep-seated, complex and decades in the making, there will inevitably be grist for discouragement. But we must never discount the many dents we make by improving state treatment laws and helping communities make use of them. Each small victory rescues some number of human beings from the ravages of untreated SMI. And each sets the stage for the next, bringing us a little closer to the day when systemic dysfunction will be a bad memory.

This statement resonates with FFIMI as we persevere in our mission to “Advocate for persons suffering from serious mental illness and involved in the criminal justice system; to ensure that they are provided a continuum of proper psychiatric care, medical treatment, and clinical services across the entire spectrum of the legal and justice systems.”

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