Free Phone Calls for Incarcerated Individuals = Family Connection

by Donna Winant

Many families have paid out great amounts of money for phone calls to keep in touch with incarcerated loved ones. This can cause financial hardships for many struggling to keep afloat. If families have to limit calls due to finances, they cannot receive assurance that their loved one is surviving their incarceration. This causes much worry and anxiety for family members. It also can be the cause of stress and possibly trauma to those in jails and prisons not to have connection with their family.

Changes can be made by supporting this bill for no-cost calls for incarcerated individuals: Senator Cindy Creem’s bill S.1494, An Act to Keep Families Connected and Rep. Chynah Tyler’s bill, H.1796/Amendment #1559

FFIMI lends its support for no-cost calls for incarcerated persons. This is one way to maintain family inclusion during incarceration rather than family separation and exclusion.

See how fourteen Massachusetts Sheriff’s found a creative way to  offer 10 free minutes of phone calls.  It’s a good start until Senator Creem’s bill is passed.Mass sheriffs agree to free phone time for inmates ( 

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