Shedding Light Podcast

FFIMI Director, Donna Winant, was interviewed by┬áLeonna Abraham Brandao's of Blog Talk Radio/Shedding Light. Leonna's passion is to get people talking and working together to find solutions to social justice issues, including the many that exist in the criminal justice system. Donna shared about FFIMI's mission and goal to be the voice of justice involved… Continue reading Shedding Light Podcast

Alternative to Solitary Confinement Offers Promising Results for Inmates  

By┬áKelli South is the research associate at the Treatment Advocacy Center. Incarcerated individuals with serious mental illness are much more likely to be placed in solitary confinement compared to incarcerated individuals without serious mental illness. There is a wealth of research that shows the deleterious effects that solitary confinement can have on an individual, including increasing rates of depression, anxiety and… Continue reading Alternative to Solitary Confinement Offers Promising Results for Inmates