A Window Into the Soul

These two poems were written by an incarcerated loved one of a member of FFIMI. They wrote them based off of the view of their window and wonder how many poems they can write about the same view.


The just full moon is hanging low,
an eerie yellow daffodil glow,
a stoic lantern rising high,
reflecting fire from across the divide.
Awe inspires her patient ascent,
escaping horizon into black firmament,
and again, as her hues shift to silvery-white,
she takes up her throne o’er another dark night



The day begins, with burnt-orange backdrop silhouetting evergreens
and an eastern-rising sliver of silver crescent moon.

Now, early evening’s dusk is descending, the horizon of trees
and distant blue hills a cascading hue of
soft lavender-pink, an ephemeral fairy-haze
hovering in-the-between.

The afterglow evaporates as 
this side of the earth rotates away from
the daytime caress of the life-giving sun-god’s rays
and color fades, to cold blue-gray

Another day,
	Who can say,
		What it all means,	anyway.


Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “A Window Into the Soul”

  1. These poems are breathtakingly beautiful. They demonstrate someone who has had a deep relationship with nature and is reaching into mind and heart to capture and express all that they have cherished. It is a sign that life is within and we can add meaning, gratitude and appreciation in any and every circumstance. These poems reflect moments of hope and moments of joy. I thank the author of these poems for the inspiration.


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