At FFIMI, we are well aware of our need for support, and the challenge it can be to find it. Having a loved one who is justice involved and struggling with mental illness often leaves one feeling afraid and isolated. It helps to find others who can truly understand. The following resource is shared by FFIMI member, Laura Walsh. Prison Fellowship does important and transformative work in the area of Restorative Justice. It was founded in 1976 by Charles “Chuck” Colson, President Richard M. Nixon’s White House counsel and hatchet man who served time in a federal prison camp for a Watergate-related crime.


When my nephew Dustin* faced serious criminal charges and a possible prison sentence, it tore at the seams of my heart. He is like a son to me—and I have four kids of my own.

My sister, Dustin’s mom, sank into a deep depression. Meanwhile, our mom was just completely overwhelmed. We quickly realized we didn’t know much about the legal system to begin with.

I began seeking help by searching for resources on the criminal justice system. Prison Fellowship® was the first organization that surfaced in my research. Then, I requested the Outrageous Justice small-group study and completed the entire thing.

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